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Care Coordination

Life is complicated when you’re managing an illness, a medical condition or a disability. It’s easier when you have an Accountable Care Organization or Managed Care Organization to provide the healthcare and support services you need. Unfortunately, even when you have a quality health plan, it’s often difficult to find the right care options for you and your family. When your health depends on timely access to quality care, you need an ally to help you navigate the system.

At Care Alliance of Western Massachusetts, our care coordination professionals help you understand and connect with your ACO or MCO services and benefits. We listen to your concerns and expectations and discuss your available options. We work with you to develop a unique individual plan that focuses on your current and future needs.

Person-Centered Care Coordination

Woman on crutches outsideOur care coordination process makes it easier for you to connect with your MassHealth ACO and MCO benefits. We work with eligible ACO/MCO members from age 3 to 64 so we understand that healthcare isn’t one-size-fits-all. Our Care Coordinators know you have needs and concerns that are unique to you alone. That’s why you’re the focus of every service we provide on your behalf.

We get to know you and your circumstances because that’s the best way to assess your needs. During our care coordination process, we evaluate your informal support system and identify any gaps. We help you access covered supports, services, and benefits that are essential to your overall health.

We’ve helped many ACO and MCO members accomplish this goal by resolving existing issues. We’ve also taken steps to prevent future problems.

  • Alerted member physicians about care issues
  • Helped members understand insurance coverage and health care plans
  • Assisted with MassHealth eligibility, name accuracy, and other issues
  • Interpreted and explained insurance, health care coverage, and LTSS CP supports in Spanish, Russian, Arabic, Nepali, and Portuguese
  • Resolved complex prescription issues and prevented further medical problems caused by missed medication
  • Helped patients with mobility issues obtain a lift chair, adaptive equipment, stair lift for second-floor access, and adaptive educational needs
  • Resolved member’s food pantry issues by assisting with SNAP application

Your Care Coordination Ally

This family was able to get help from their care coordination ally, CAWM.At Care Alliance of Western Massachusetts, we’re proud to provide care coordination services for you and your family. We work hard to earn your trust. We believe that’s the key to a strong relationship.

We provide services for your ACO or MCO.

  • BeHealthy | HNE
  • Berkshire Fallon Health Collaborative | Berkshire Medical, the CHC, Fallon
  • BMC Health Net | Holyoke Hospital
  • BMC HealthNet Mercy | Mercy Hospital
  • Boston Children’s with Tufts
  • Community Care Cooperative (C3) | Holyoke Health Center, CHC of Franklin County, Hilltown Health Center
  • Partners HealthCare Choice | BWH & Mass General
  • Steward Health Choice
  • Tufts Health Together

The Care Alliance of Western Massachusetts is happy to answer all your care coordination questions. Please call us at 413-538-9020 for more information or fill out the Contact Us form below.

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Care Alliance of Western Massachusetts works with residents of Hampden, Hampshire, Berkshire, and Franklin Counties. We also provide services to residents of Athol, Petersham, Phillipston, and Royalston in Worcester County.

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