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53-Year Old Cancer Survivor and Mother

After surviving an initial bout of cancer, a 53-year mother of a school-age child was prescribed essential medications to prevent the recurrence of the deadly disease. Subsequently, as she began to lose interest in life, a behavioral health specialist diagnosed her with acute depression. As a result, a psychiatrist further prescribed anti-depressants that seemed to worsen her depression.

Unable to help her troubled daughter who was falling behind in school, she elected to discontinue all medicines.


The Care Alliance Comprehensive Care Coordinator helped identify the following goals to improve the subject’s situation:

  • Develop a care plan that will continue to prevent remission of cancer without accompanying depression
  • Improve her mental condition
  • Provide support to help the daughter achieve better educational results

Impact of Care Alliance’s Comprehensive Care Coordination

Collaborating closely with the subject, the Care Coordinator defined an alternate plan to manage the issue by:

  • Making a referral to the Cancer House of Hope
  • Encouraging the subject to continue to meet with the Behavioral Health specialist
  • Develop a positive attitude through support groups and a meditative and comforting lifestyle through yoga, reiki, and massage. With an improved mental state, the individual would be able to assist her daughter more effectively.

Positive Results

The subject has adopted positive motivation from the support given at Cancer House. She reports that she is optimistic about her future and feels more in control of her life.

Additionally, she has secured tutoring for her daughter to help improve her scholastics and attitude toward school.

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